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Entertainment & Creative Arts


Our mission is to instill a great love for dance, an appreciation for the art of dance in a safe, high quality studio environment while inspiring self-confidence, discipline and respect for performing arts.
To provide professional dance instruction and commit to building a community that lives up to our belief ‘Dance is for everyone’
  • Well-being, transformation and progress. Guiding each dancer to his/her highest potential.
  • Create a supportive and positive environment…. where dancers feel comfortable, encouraged and motivated to progress.
  • To foster a sense of community among its students and instructors.
  • To entertainment.

Trroy studios is a one stop entertainment and creative arts center/ hub, where people/ creatives will get the opportunity to learn and develop their talents while upholding our Ugandan culture forefront.

The center provides spaces for audio and visual studios, halls and theater performance, dance studio and creative spaces for artists to showcase their talents as well as seek support to commercially nurture this talent. We put emphasis to holistic development as well as identifying talent within the community.

Dance classes
  • We curate classes based on demand so as to remain relevant and exciting.
  • These classes vary based on styles as per request from clients or what instructors
Dancers for hire
  • We have dancers available for personal classes on request .
  • Special rate depending on the length of time they are needed.
  • They teach various genres.
Team buildings
  • A company retreat is an opportunity for team members to come together away from office duties
  • We work with proven team building techniques
  • We run these either full day or half day activity, they can be at the studio or the client’s premises.
Rent space for practice
Dance retreats
Dance soirée
Band hire
Space for band practice
Space for audio

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